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Why spelling mistakes don’t impact your score

A common question about the Casper test is whether or not spelling mistakes impact scores. The answer is, no, they do not impact your score, because Casper is not a test of spelling and grammar. Rather it is a test designed to assess your personal attributes.

Casper constructs
Constructs evaluated by Casper

Our Casper raters are trained to ignore spelling mistakes as well as accept any typed answer, whether it be in point form, bullet points, or complete sentences as long as it is legible and your response makes sense to the reader.

With five minutes to complete each response section (three questions) following each Casper scenario, we strongly encourage you to focus on the content of your responses, rather than spending critical time fixing minor spelling mistakes. Watch the video scenarios or read the word-based scenarios and questions carefully, draw upon your life experiences, and be your authentic self. These things are far more important than spelling when it comes to successfully taking Casper. 

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