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Altus Suite for Applicants – 2022/23 Webinar

What to Expect in the 2022/2023 Admissions Cycle: Getting Ready for Altus Suite

You are more than your grades, and higher education institutions know that it takes more than good grades for students to become successful in their chosen career paths. That’s why we work closely with these institutions to implement fair and defensible methods for identifying, selecting, and nurturing learners. We do this through Altus Suite, made up of Casper, Snapshot, and Duet – assessments that allow you to stand out from the crowd and which provide your targeted programs with important information to support their admissions decisions.

In this webinar, the team at Altus provides an overview of what to expect and how to prepare for these assessments in the 2022 -2023 admissions cycle.

The presentation covers:
– The overall applicant experience
– Changes made to Casper
– How to prepare for Altus Suite

For more information on Altus Suite and how to prepare for the assessments, visit the Test Prep page.