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Welcome CASPer® Raters!

Thanks for your interest in becoming a CASPer rater! Please use the information below to learn more about what it means to rate for CASPer!

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About CASPer

CASPer is an online screening tool designed to evaluate key people skills for successful students and graduates.

The CASPer test is composed of 12 sections. Each section contains either a video-based scenario, or a word-based scenario, followed by a series of three open-ended probing questions. The applicant has five minutes to answer the set of three questions. Open-ended responses allow us to capture a wider spectrum of possible approaches to a problem, while the time limit ensures authentic and genuine responses are given.

One of the main reasons that CASPer is so effective lies in the test evaluation method. Each section of an applicant’s test is scored by a unique rater, making the final CASPer score a combination of 12 independent impressions of the applicant. Furthermore, the raters do not have access to any personal information (such as name, gender, race, age, etc.) about the applicant they are rating for, thereby eliminating many of the biases associated with traditional evaluations of personal characteristics.

The CASPer test is delivered by Altus Assessments Inc..

What is rating?

Rating is one of the key reasons the CASPer test is so effective. Each section of an applicant’s test is scored by a unique rater. As a result, an applicant’s final score is made up of 12 independent impressions. Additionally, each rater is “blinded” to any demographic information about the applicant to avoid biases common with other assessment tools.

How to become a CASPer rater

CASPer raters are recruited from various backgrounds and professions but share the intrinsic interest of helping to identify well-rounded students that would make great professionals. An ideal rater is a diligent individual who is detail-oriented, a fast-learner and is technologically inclined. A rater should also be receptive and open to feedback and takes pride in their work.

Raters are independent contractors tasked with the responsibility of scoring CASPer test results. All work is completed online and at the pace of the rater. Raters can commit to as much or as little rating work as desired.

To become a CASPer rater, all candidates must first apply online, via e-mail. Upon successful review, candidates are subsequently invited to begin their onboarding and training program, which includes (but is not limited to)

  • A short version of the CASPer test
  • An online video training module
  • A Competency test
  • A set of practice responses
  • A training on Implicit Bias

*Please note:

  • Raters may not be a CASPer applicant themselves, nor can they have a family member or close friend taking the CASPer test, raters cannot register for a CASPer test and sign up to be a CASPer rater. If you are an applicant taking the CASPer test, this disqualifies you from rating for CASPer and vice versa.
  • We will need to gather some personal information to create each CASPer rater account. All raters are trained prior to rating any CASPer responses.

Why become a CASPer rater?

Research over the past decade has demonstrated CASPer’s ability to discern personal characteristics that are essential for future professionals. The CASPer test has been used by leading academic institutions for admissions since 2010 and our list of partner institutions continues to grow.

CASPer’s evaluation method is effective in part because each test is evaluated by a diverse demographic of raters – ranging from industry professionals to community members. Becoming a CASPer rater will allow you to participate in the admission decision process for competitive academic programs and make an impact on the future quality of professionals in your community.

The rating process is done completely online, and largely on your own schedule.


Raters are compensated for their time and effort by way of a per-response honorarium, along with an additional remuneration for training. Using average response rating times, raters can expect an approximate payment of ~$20 to $35/hour.

What next?

If you would like to learn more about becoming a CASPer rater and are interested in applying, please apply here.

*Please note: You must be legally authorized to work in your country of residence.

A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss next steps with you!