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Altus Suite for Applicants – 2021/22 Webinar

Altus empowers higher education institutions to look beyond book smarts, and to identify and nurture exceptional professionals by using unique data to generate meaningful insights that influence key academic decisions. We do this through Altus Suite, a set of assessments that provide a clearer, more holistic view of applicants.

Greg Wong, Simrat Reen, Carolyn Watters, and Gill Sitarenios – members of the operations, customer success and research teams from Altus Assessments provide an overview of Altus Suite for applicants.

The presentation covers:
– Why programs have chosen to use Altus Suite
– Logistics of the assessments and what to expect
– How to prepare for the assessments and where to find other resources

You can also check out answers to questions submitted by applicants during the webinar.

For more information on Altus Suite and how to prepare for the assessments, visit the Test Prep page.