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How to prepare for Duet

Set yourself up for success


Here’s what you need to know before you take Duet

No practice required: Duet is designed to capture your personal values and preferences, so you don’t need to practice or prepare.

Instructions upon entry: You’ll receive instructions once you enter the Duet test. Take a moment to read them carefully to ensure you understand how it works.

Understand definitions: During the test, you’ll encounter various characteristics along with their definitions. Before proceeding to the comparison pages, take a moment to familiarize yourself with these definitions. This will help you make informed choices that accurately reflect your values.

Trust Your Instincts: Remember, Duet has no right or wrong answers. Go with your gut and respond based on what feels true to you. Your unique perspective makes Duet a valuable way to understand your preferences and values.

Duet deadlines

  • Duet must be submitted before the earliest distribution deadline of the programs on your list that require it.
  • The deadline shown in your account is a recommendation to complete Duet within the 14 days after your Casper test so that your results are delivered together.

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