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What is Duet?

Duet is not just an assessment — it's your pathway to finding the program where you can thrive. Through a series of comparisons, Duet evaluates how well your preferences and values match the unique offerings of your chosen programs.

How does the Duet test work?


Getting started

After booking your Casper test, you’ll see a prompt to complete Duet in your Acuity Insights account if you’re applying to a program that requires it.

Access Duet and review the instructions, so you understand its purpose and format.

Review Categories

Reflection & making choices

You’ll reflect on seven program characteristics and their definitions within three categories, and select the trait that matters most to you for each set. Trust your instincts, because there are no wrong answers!

Note: If you want to change an answer, you can only go back to the previous pair.


Comparative analysis

After you finish making individual comparisons, you’ll compare each category in pairs, honing in on what’s truly important to you.

Pairing categories

Submission & program review

Submit your answers to have them automatically compared with the rankings of the programs you’ve applied to. This comparison helps programs assess your alignment and fit with their unique environments and learning contexts.

Learn how to prepare for Duet


Frequently asked questions about Duet

Why do programs require Duet?
Higher education programs want to select students who are not only academically excellent, but also aligned with their mission and likely to thrive in their unique environment. Duet is a standardized tool some US undergraduate and graduate medical programs use to identify these candidates.

Please check our Dates and Fees page or your program’s website(s) for information on whether Duet is an admissions requirement.

How do programs use Duet?
Programs use Duet to find alignment between an applicant’s values and desired learning environments and what the program offers. It can be used at multiple stages in the selection process, from interviews to final offers.

When do I need to take Duet?
Although you can take Duet anytime after booking your Casper test, it should be completed within 14 days of taking Casper to ensure your program(s) can consider all your assessments together.

Should individual program requirements change, you can still complete Duet at any time before your earliest program distribution deadline, as shown on the Dates and Fees page.

Please note that only select programs require applicants to complete Duet, and it will not appear in your Acuity Insights account if you only apply to programs that don’t need it.

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