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Who is Acuity Insights?

Acuity Insights is the provider of the Casper situational judgment test and the Duet value alignment assessment. They are also the leading provider of program management and data, insights and analytics solutions for higher education.

What are Casper and Duet?

About Casper

Casper is an open-response situational judgment test that measures aspects of your social intelligence and professionalism, such as ethics, empathy, problem-solving and collaboration.


  • 90-110 minutes to complete
  • 2 sections: video responses and typed responses
  • 14 scenarios
  • Reserving a test:
    • You must reserve a specific date and time to take the Casper test
    • We recommend reserving your test at least 3 days before your Casper test date to allow time to prepare by running through the system requirements check and taking the sample test
    • Check the Dates and Fees page

About Duet

Duet is a value-alignment assessment that compares what you value in a program with what the program offers.

Duet is applicable for select programs only. Check the Dates and Fees page to see if your program(s) require Duet.


  • Typically only takes 15 minutes, although there is no time limit
  • You’ll compare program characteristics in three categories against each other
  • Can be taken any time after reserving your Casper test, but we recommend taking it within 14 days of Casper so programs can consider results together
  • Will be available in your Acuity Insights account after you’ve signed up for Casper, if it’s required by one or more of the programs you selected


Frequently asked questions about Casper and Duet

Why are there multiple assessments?

Casper and Duet focus on different personal and professional attributes, to paint a more complete picture of who you are.

When applying to programs that require both, they give you multiple opportunities to showcase your people skills and unique qualities. Programs benefit from using this information at multiple points throughout their admissions processes, ensuring they select well-rounded cohorts that are poised to thrive in their unique environments.

Which assessments do I need to complete?

It depends on the program you are applying to. Check our Dates and Fees page or the individual program’s website to see if you only need to take Casper or if you also need to take Duet as part of the application process.

If your program(s) requires you to take Duet, we recommend you complete it within 14 days of Casper. This ensures your program(s) will be able to consider both scores at the same time.

Should individual program requirements change, you’ll still be able to complete Duet at any time before your earliest program distribution deadline, which is available on the Dates and Fees page.

Do I have to register and pay for Casper and Duet separately?

No. When you book your Casper test, you are automatically registered for Duet if it is required by any of the programs you are applying to. Your payment and registration covers both Casper and Duet assessments.