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Can We Solve Canada’s Skills Shortage?

According to a 2022 survey, over a quarter of Canadian companies are experiencing labor shortages and high turnover rates. Acuity Insights CEO, Rich Emrich, and Next Generation Manufacturing (NGen) CEO, Jayson Myers penned an opinion editorial for the Hamilton Spectator about navigating the future of work in Canada—which they say is not only about addressing labor shortages but also an unprecedented skills shortage.

Emrich and Myers write: “As the past two years have shown, we need to tackle labor supply in fields like health care quickly.”

The solution is multi-faceted, and requires that multiple groups work together to address the skills shortage that is threatening to overwhelm our country.

“Acuity Insights helps post-secondary institutions shape training programs through data analytics to optimize performance and prepare successful, resilient professionals,” Emrich and Myers said.

Assessments like our open-response situational judgment test Casper support a university’s effort to find applicants with the soft skills to excel as a medical professional. Our more recent value-alignment assessment Duet brings applicants and programs together based on mutual values. Finally, our short one-way video interview Snapshot helps applicants to bring their personal statement to life.

Read Rich and Jayson’s full opinion article in The Hamilton Spectator