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What is Duet?

Duet is a value-alignment assessment that compares what you value in a program with what the program has to offer. We developed this short assessment because we know each program is different and has something unique to offer, whether it’s teaching style, research opportunities, and interactions with faculty. With Duet, your individual preferences are compared with programs’ unique profiles to help assess your alignment in a standardized way. Selected programs require applicants to complete Duet. If any of your programs requires you to take Duet assessment, you can take Duet anytime after booking your Casper test.


You will see a prompt to complete Duet when you log in to your Acuity Insights account. Click the prompt and review the instructions so you understand the purpose of Duet and its format.

Review Categories

Review and reflect on the program characteristics and definitions for the first category.


For each group of characteristics, choose the one that is more important to you. Go with your gut: there’s no right or wrong answer. Continue until all comparisons are complete. Note you can only go back to the previous pair if you want to change an answer!

Pairing categories

After completing the comparisons within each category, you will be asked to compare each of the categories in pairs. Again, choose the one that is most important to you.


Once you’ve submitted your responses, they are automatically compared to the rankings of the programs you’ve applied to. Programs review the Duet results to assess your alignment within each category.

Frequently asked questions

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