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See Your Application Soar with Casper

Reveal Your Skills and Aspirations for a Successful Medical Education Journey

Holistic Admissions Assessment for Applicants

Casper evaluates your social intelligence and professionalism, providing a comprehensive evaluation of your potential beyond academic test scores, so you can stand out.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: Demonstrate your social intelligence, professionalism, and alignment with program missions, revealing the qualities that make you an outstanding candidate.
  • Go Beyond Academic Scores: Highlight the unique qualities that set you apart from other applicants, revealing a more holistic view of your potential.
  • Trusted by Leading Medical Schools: Casper is widely recognized and trusted by top-tier medical schools nationwide, ensuring your application receives the attention it deserves.


How Casper Works

Check if Casper and Duet Are Required by Your Preferred Programs

Ensure you fulfill all requirements for the programs you’re interested in

Casper serves as the initial assessment, revealing your social intelligence and professionalism. If required by the program, Duet follows as a complementary assessment, measuring your alignment with the mission of the program. Ensure you fulfill all application requirements for the programs you’re interested in by verifying if Casper and Duet are mandatory. Maximize your chances of acceptance by sending your results to the programs that require them.

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